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Here is a copy of our Stud Contract. You can copy and tweak it as you see fit.



The following is a private treaty to be negotiated, read and signed prior to the first breeding of any
registered American Pit Bull Terrier female.

Proof and verification of a negative Brucellosis (Brucella canis). Results no more than one week prior to the expected breeding date of the bitch.
American Bully Kennel Club or United Kennel Club Papers, Pedigree or Show Pull/ ID card must be presented to me and verified prior to breeding.

_________________________________________  ___________________________________
(Name of Stud)                                                                         (RKC/ ABKC and/or UKC #)   

  Is to be bred to:

_________________________________________  ______________________________________
(Name of Bitch)                                                                        (RKC/ ABKC and/or UKC#)

On or around ______________________________________

The stud fee (cash or money order) is to be paid up front before the breeding between the two dogs takes
place. The stud fee on this particular breeding is $________________

*By signing this contract, I agree to sign and furnish any papers or information needed to register these pups with the Remy Kennel Club/ American Dog Breeders Association or United Kennel Club.

Guaranteed live litters consist of 1 or more pups.
If the breeding does not take (Bitch does not conceive). I agree to supply the same stud dog for a repeat breeding at the time of the bitch’s next heat.

*Another negative Brucellosis is required 1 week prior.

Once the dog is found to be carrying the pups, (through visual inspection or confirmed by an X-ray) I am no way responsible for any mishandling of the bitch or pups by a veterinarian or owner.

1.        Surgery (Cesarean, Anesthesia, etc.)
2.        Administration of medication (Calcium, Oxytocin, Antibiotics)
3.        Accidents (Hit by car, Stepped on, etc.)
4.        Diseases (Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis, etc.)

I agree to the above terms

_______________________Date ________________ 

Gerard      (Owner of Stud)     

I agree to the above terms and have read and understand this contract.

Signature _________________________________________    Date________________      

Print Name ___________________________________________

(Owner of Bitch)