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lowjack remy martin

Remy Martin

Fabian Chichester the owner and creator of Remyline brought Remy Martin for $500.00 and a treadmill.  That’s where the saying “5 and a treadmill” comes from.  Fabian brought Remy in 2003.  Remy was the dog nobody wanted out of the litter.  Fabe stated that one day he came home and this pitbull puppy was walking around his house.  At that time he didn’t know it was Remy Martin.  He ask his wife did she buy him a new dog?  She answered no that’s Remy.  From that moment own he know he had something special.  He then started to look for a female to match with Remy.  In 2004 Fabian brought Bella and his kennel was started as Lowjack kennels hence the name “Lowjack Remy Martin”.   Remy started to produce more of him in everything he bread him to.  You can look at a dog and see Remy stamp on it thus making his own line.  Fabe used one dog Remy to create a bloodline unlike other top bloodines.  That’s where the pharse “One dog one line “ comes from.  Tha Program Pits is part of Remyline.  We are known as Remyline Raw.




  We believe that we have some of the best Remyline blood in the world in our kennel.  Phantom is a direct Remy son.  He is what we call Remyline bully style.  They are many different strands of Remyline blood.  Each kennel has taken the blood and developed it into their own style that’s why no Remyline kennel is the same.  Remyline is the only bloodline that you can get different strands of of the blood but keep that world know Remyline look.